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Swear Me In Scotty Invitational

Registration for our tournament is full, but click here for more information about joining the waitlist. We are also looking for judges! If you're a lawyer, law student, or former mocker looking to help out your local university, we'd love to have you! You can sign up here or contact us at

The Case

This year's intriguing case involves murder and a mysterious dating app called Tender. We're looking forward to a great season of State v. Dylan Hendricks!

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About Mock Trial

Carnegie Mellon Mock Trial has been around for over 15 years and is still very active. We're entirely student-run and student-coached, and we love what we do! Over the past couple years, we've been growing and improving at a rapid pace. During our most recent season, Carnegie Mellon received a bid to the Opening Round Championships, and brought back numerous individual awards.

But who are we, really? We're a group of undergraduates with diverse interests who come together with a common passion. With members from Dietrich College, Computer Science, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Tepper School of Business, and more, Mock Trial at CMU has become much more than a law program. We're CMU's premier competitive debate/public speaking program, and we welcome people with no previous Mock Trial experience. So, if you're interested in joining, or just want to find out what we do, don't hesitate to say hi!

What is Mock Trial?

Essentially, Mock Trial is a combination of public speaking, debate, and acting. At the beginning of every academic year, we are presented with a new case. It is our job, as attorneys and witnesses, to develop a strategy for both sides of the case and present it to a judge or several judges. We present our cases in the style of a mock courtroom against an opposing team from another university. We develop theories about the case, explore characters of witnesses, and try to anticipate what other teams could bring against us. It's funsies. For your reading pleasure.

I've never done Mock Trial before, but I'm interested in Speech and Debate, MUN, Moot Court, etc.

Mock Trial incorporates a lot of elements from other public speaking or debate organizations that you may have participated in during High School.

Tell me a little about Mock Trial at CMU

We are CMU's premier competitive public speaking and debate program (and proud of it). We have two teams that travel to tournaments and compete against other schools. We're also a proud member of the American Mock Trial Association, the governing organization for the college circuit of Mock Trial. We are largely self-run and self-coached, so every team member contributes heavily to all aspects of case development. Most of us are pretty cool, so come by a meeting to get to know a little more about us and the organization.

What kind of a time committment is it?

Truth be told, Mock Trial is probably one of the more time-consuming clubs at CMU. We expect at least two to three meetings a week, and each meeting typically lasts 2-3 hours. Depending on your team and its captains, this can vary. The weeks before tournaments are generally more packed than other weeks, but, again, to varying degrees.

I'm not really interested in becoming a lawyer, but Mock Trial sounds interesting.

Never fear! At a school like CMU that's filled with techy, sciencey, and artsy people, it's no surprise that many of the people involved with Mock Trial have not been, are not, and likely never will be interested in becoming a lawyer. Our teams are littered with students studying Computer Science, Creative Writing, Engineering, Physics, Math, and Music. Whoever you are, if you're interested in what we do, you'll fit right in.

Looking for more information?

Contact us regarding any questions, comments, or concerns.

2017-2018 Officers

Alan Jaffe

President & Team Captain

Anthony Kuntz

Team Captain

Elizabeth Elrod

Vice President

Smriti Ahuja

PR Chair

Irina Javed

Fundraising Chair & Team Captain

Agatha Woodbury

Tournament Director & Team Captain

Feel free to email any of us directly if you have any questions at all!


The 2017-2018 team selection has concluded! If you auditioned, you should have received an email with more information. If you're interested in participating in Mock Trial next year, join our mailing list or feel free to contact us with any questions!

Swear Me In Scotty Invitational

You are invited to Carnegie Mellon University’s annual "Swear Me In, Scotty!" Mock Trial Invitational! This thrilling event will begin with an informal reception the night of Friday, December 1st, and, after four rounds of trials (2 Saturday, 2 Sunday), conclude with an award ceremony on the afternoon of Sunday, December 3rd. Each team is asked, but not required, to bring judges with them. If you are interested in attending or have any questions, please contact our Tournament Director, Agatha Woodbury. [Note: The tournament is currently full. Contact us if you are interested in being added to the waitlist.]

We are also looking for judges! If you're a lawyer, law student, or former mocker looking to help out your local university, we'd love to have you! You can contact us here.

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If you're interested in anything related to Mock Trial, we'd be happy to talk to you. You can reach us by email if you have any questions. You can also join our mailing list to receive updates about our events.